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Treat Male Pattern Baldness

Friday, March 18th, 2011 at 12:58 pm. Hair Loss

Many men over the age of 30 experience Male Pattern Baldness. The symptom of this kind of hair loss begins from the center of the scalp and reaches the lower areas, sometimes making a person completely bald. The adverse effect of Male Pattern Baldness is different from person to person. Some people become completely bald within 5 years of its onset, while others may even take up to 20 years for the same. This particular form of hair loss can be attributed to many factors of which genetics and heredity are the most important ones. Changes in hormones or hormonal imbalance can also result in male pattern baldness. In addition to these, depression, excessive stress and mental tension, strong medications, harsh chemical hair treatments and a serious illness can also lead to hair fall. After a certain age, the hair re-growth is very uncommon; therefore this could also be one of the reasons for a person turning bald.

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It is very important to understand the underlying cause before treating male pattern baldness. If the hair fall is due to usage or application of harsh chemicals in the form of a hair treatment like coloring, perming, straightening etc then proper maintenance of the damaged hair would be an appropriate solution. Some people also opt for artificial hair transplants or surgery to tackle the problem of baldness. But not everyone can afford this treatment as it is too expensive and also does not guarantee permanent results. Therefore the best way to get rid of the problem is through intake of a natural medication which not only helps in hair re-growth but also maintains the results for a longer time by solving the root cause of the problem. Provillus is one such product which is manufactured with 100% natural ingredients for promoting hair growth in the safest manner without any side effects.

As mentioned above the main factor contributing for male pattern baldness is hereditary and hormonal changes. Although Provillus cannot alter a person’s biological make-up but it can definitely restore the hormonal imbalance that leads to hair fall in the most natural way. Within weeks of undertaking Provillus Hair Growth Treatment in proper dosages, you will experience a healthy hair growth that stays for long. Unlike other hair loss products, provillus hair growth treatment does not require a doctor’s prescription as it does not make use of any harmful ingredients and is completely safe for use by a person of any age. Simply take two capsules a day with water after your meal, and experience the positive change yourself.

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