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Stretch Mark Treatments – Can You Even Remove Stretch Marks At Home?

When the human skin enlarges or stretches and then returns back to its original size, it comes back with a few marks which are commonly known as stretch marks. Stretch marks generally appear on the abdominal area of women after pregnancy. Also for obese and extremely overweight people who lose a lot of body weight in terms of fats , stretch marks is commonly seen on different parts of their body. Although stretch marks appearing from weight reduction is not as visible and ugly looking as those which appear after pregnancy. Once developed stretch marks do not vanish completely, although may be reduced with the help of certain treatments. Thus it is recommended to tackle this problem right from the time of its onset. Application of anti stretch marks cream from the initial stages of pregnancy till child birth is the best way to avoid its development in the first place.

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A few preventive measures for stretch marks include application of cocoa butter or the lotion generally found within the capsules of Vitamin A and E on the abdominal area during pregnancy. Additionally a healthy diet rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C, zinc etc would also be very helpful in improving the elasticity of the skin. It is also good to drink plenty of water during the day, which would keep the skin hydrated thereby resistant to the development of stretch marks.

A Few Stretch marks treatments include application of certain moisturizers available in the market which have a reputation of reducing these marks. Similarly prescription formula Retin-A is another highly effective treatment for eradicating stretch marks from the body. Before consumption of this prescription medicine, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor for knowing the exact amount of dosage. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are also known to moisturize the topmost skin layer and renew skin cells. Some people also prefer to opt for a laser surgery for fading the stretch marks to a minimal, although this is an expensive treatment and does involve a lot of risks. Endermologie is yet another treatment for reducing appearance of stretch marks through deep massages that improves blood circulation.

One of the safest and best stretch mark treatments is application of a good quality anti stretch mark cream. Revitol’s Stretch mark cream is a 100% natural stretch mark prevention cream with active skin nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin D3, squalene oil, Vitamin A, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and grapefruit seed extracts which together work as a team to avoid development of stretch marks. Regular application of this cream from the onset of pregnancy till child birth would ensure minimal appearance of stretch marks. For those who have already developed these marks on their body, this cream works wonders by reducing its appearance to a bare minimum within weeks of its application.

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