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Monday, March 28th, 2011 at 9:49 am. Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common occurrence for most people, especially after a certain age. Although there may seem to be different circumstances that lead to hair fall, but the end result seems to be the same if left untreated. Constant hair loss in men is also known as male pattern baldness which begins at the centre of the scalp and continues to the lower areas of the head finally resulting into complete baldness. Men and Women equally suffer from the problem of hair loss; therefore there have been a variety of remedies which have been specifically designed to tackle this problem.

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Every kind of hair loss remedy is planned as per the cause. If the hair fall is due to damage to the hair follicles, regular massage with good quality medicated oil would be perfect. Similarly if the cause is an after effect of a serious illness, strong medication, or even chemotherapy then an appropriate remedy would be artificial hair transplant which may be too expensive for many. The reason why a large percentage of population experiences hair loss is due to hormonal changes and heredity factors. If one is suffering a constant hair fall due to this reason, the best remedy would be administering a natural medication which not only promotes safe and healthy hair growth but also makes sure that the results are permanent.

Provillus Hair Growth Treatment is one such product that promises to treat hair loss problems by attacking the root cause of the same. No medication in this world can change a person’s heredity, but hormonal imbalances can be corrected, which is exactly what Provillus Hair Growth Treatment does in the most natural manner. By using some of the most natural ingredients that is proved to enhance hair growth like stinging nettle, eleuthero, pumpkin, uva-ursi, muira puama, saw palmetto in addition to vitamin B6, magnesium oxide, and many more, this product proves to combat hair loss in the safest manner.

The most striking feature of Provillus Hair Treatment is the fact that it is created with 100% natural ingredients therefore does not have any adverse effects after its consumption , moreover it is readily available at most drug stores without the necessity of a doctor’s prescription. Due to difference in male and female biology and hormones, the company has manufactured separate hair growth treatment for men and women. They are available in the form of capsules. All you need to do is follow exactly the instructions given on the package, and take appropriate dosages regularly. People who have used Provillus Hair Growth Treatment have experienced healthy hair growth within weeks of its use.

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